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Tradition Chalet SA
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François Clausen
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Tradition Chalet SA

Based in Crans-Montana since 2001, we are specialized in the realization and promotion of high-end luxury chalets.


Our architecture is based on an approach that takes into account the overall context of a building. We have a process of reflection enabling us to create authentic projects, we are as interested in the environmental and functional aspects as in those related to a more emotional dimension, specific to each client.

Interior design

We plan and direct each stage of the realization of the future chalet. With years of experience in the fields of architecture and design, we are able to offer innovative concepts using ingenious techniques and cutting-edge materials. Throughout the design process, the client alternatives will be facilitated through different virtual supports.

Project management

The success of an architectural project do not only lies on conceptual and design aspects. We also place emphasis on planning costs and deadlines in order for the end results to match both aesthetic expectations and economic imperatives. We have thus set up management processes and tools ensuring full transparency from the very beginning of a project and enabling us to regularly inform our clients about its progression.


Advanced knowledge in the field of construction, coordination with the different intervenors, tenders and contingency management are some of the key skills necessary to successfully implement a project. Considering this know-how as a profession, we work in close collaboration with the architects developing the concept to ensure high quality standards achievements.


We offer different types of expertise according to customer needs. Financial expertise, to analyze the feasibility and viability of real estate projects. Technical expertise, to provide information on the condition of real estate objects, including any maintenance costs to be incurred and the condition of the technical installations. Finally, the expertise linked to an inheritance in order to establish an equitable division of the goods among different stakeholders. We can also intervene as consultants, either to advise a client from punctually, to represent him as part of his project, or even to pilot the entire project.


Our company is at the top of modernity with the use of several highly interactive systems completely dedicated to our customers. That enables us to answer customer needs with a single degree of effectiveness, while satisfying the requirements of discretion and confidentiality inherent in this trade.